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What are the costs of gender-imitative surgeries?

Should I as a parent think that my nine-year-old understands his identity?

What does God have to do with my love life?

How can I get help for these feelings I have that I don't fit this body?

Does a man have the same relationship with Jesus that I as a woman have?

How far back in history does trans go?

What's wrong with consensual 'sex-work'?

How can I deal with all these cultural changes that seem so bizarre to me?

I am getting married to be happy. Is that so bad?

Do I stay with my friend through his painful sex-change operation?

Does the apostle Paul have a thing against empowering women?

How should one define the word: "gender"?

Why can’t she just trust me?

How could depending on her make me more me?

What do these intergendered laws in the Bible mean?

How close can we get?

What Makes a Real Man?

Do men and women use technology differently?

Should I open the door for girls?

Does a man need to be strong to be a man?

How do I teach my younger children how to be boys and girls?

What do you want me to do, stay home and bake cookies?

Why do I feel guilty about being a man?

Shouldn’t I be excused for using porn because men are naturally more sexual?

Does spiraling population have anything to do with gender disintegration?

With self-chosen gender now, is there any future for girls' sports?

I thought boys were better at math but then why is my sister a nuclear physicist?

Can’t you see that I was born this way?

Can how I feel pleasure be changed?

What will make my marriage last?

Does it matter to act differently toward each other in our relationship?

Jesus never talks about homosexuality, does He?

How to be a True Woman?

Is my body me or an accessory?

What’s really wrong with cross-dressing?

How should I deny my same-sex attraction when the culture says, "Don't!"?

Should I be worried that Peggy spends all her spare time on football?

What is the number one thing I can do to improve my relationships?

Does the Bible really tell women to wear head coverings to church?

Why are there no women priests in the Old Testament?

How do we inspire young men without demeaning women?

Do my desires have a morality?

Should my vision of being a woman include childbearing?

As a Lesbian, does Jesus accept me ‘Just As I Am’?

What good is marriage?

Should I call my uncle "she" like he is asking me to do now?

My friend just told me that she is gay. And I say...?

Do chemicals and cutting reduce suicide risk for the gender dysphoric?

Why would God send the Messiah into the middle of a marriage engagement?

What does it matter that the one God is three Persons?

Is it fair for a man with same sex attraction to marry a woman?

Is there a woman apostle in the Bible?

How should I respond to a Month of Gay Pride if I can't celebrate either as good for people?

Are SOGI Laws sagacious or soggy?

Why is it so hard to say how we differ?

Does my seven-year-old daughter understand her identity?

Do you need a father and a mother?

Does teaching gender distinction in marriage breed domestic abuse?

How come the guys in church don’t listen to me as a woman?

How do I talk to my teen about trans?

Does it harm my teenage daughter to contradict false beliefs about herself?

How do I be a better wife?

Why would God tell a wife to submit to her husband?

When can my boyfriend just grow up?

Is it correct to speak of “anomalous males” and “gender atypical females"?

Does "Queer Theology" work?

Should I raise my children as theybies?

Aren’t there gay Christians now?

Can the Bible address "non-binary" when the term didn't exist back then?

It isn’t possible for a homosexual man to enjoy sex with a woman…is it?

How does a boy become a man?

What does the Bible mean, saying, "...but the woman is the glory of man"?

I desire love more than respect. Is there something wrong with me as a guy?

Is Mattel Barbie a Feminist?

I like cooking. Should I let her do it anyway?

Is gender real or just...cultural stuff?

Are there real differences between boys and girls growing up?

Is sexual attraction immutable, like ethnicity?

As a single, am I not a full person?

Can I, as a Christian counselor, support my client's decision to destroy healthy body parts?

How do I respond to my teen who says, "I am non-binary."

Does the Bible really tell women to wear head coverings to church?

Since when should we trust a doctor with a knife and a new idea?

Is there something deeper to the Bible's prohibitions against cross-dressing and men "laying with" men?

Should we have a knitting group ministry for gals in our church?

How come I can’t find a New Testament passage for our wedding without the gender stuff attached?

Doesn’t the Bible denigrate women?

If I have a boy body but feel like a girl, should I transition?

How do I invigorate our sex life?

Do my current aberrant desires have something to do with my past?

Why would the Bible tell me to deny my same-sex desires when I did not ask for them?

Why would God keep my friend from true love in his gay marriage?

Is it cool for boys to wear nail polish?

How can I help a Loved One who feels alienated from her body?

How do I be a better husband?

Which is better, monogendered or intergendered relationships?

Should I submit to my husband in decision-making when I am a better decision-maker?

If there is no difference between women and men, why should women be equally represented on corporation boards?

Why does it matter what we do with our bodies?

Why can’t she get off my back about reading to the kids? I don’t feel like it.

How come I cannot get my husband to stand up to people for us?

Where can I get help interpreting the world of gender for my child?

How come the sermons are always about what I can’t do as a woman?

Where can I find a girlfriend who is not so high-maintenance?

Who is the Woman Clothed with the Sun?

Where is my job description in this marriage thing?

What Causes Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

How does one actually change from addiction to unwanted sexual desires?

Is there an alternative to hormones and surgery for the gender-torn?

Is detransitoning a thing?

Aren’t women supposed to be nurturing, so how come my girlfriend isn’t?

Why do I feel embarrassed saying girls are different from boys?

If we’re equal, why should he be in charge?

The Bible doesn’t address transgenderism, does it?

How shall I respond to our company's HR mandate on preferred pronouns?

Why are all these strange social changes happening?

Do clothes really make the man?

Why can’t the Bible just be cool?

What if I believe that gender is real?

In the end, you need to look out for yourself. No one else can do it for you, right?

Which of us gives up the rock band first?

Aren't women inferior to men in the Old Testament?

What will make the biggest improvement in my relationships?

What should we think that God thinks of our culture's direction?

Is pornography use an issue of manhood?