“Does She Matter” Dissertation

A Qualitative Study on Intergendered Intimacy...

In 2013, as part of his Doctor of Ministry degree at Covenant Theological Seminary, Sam did a qualitative research project on the relation of emotional intimacy to intergendered relationships ("intergendered" meaning, a man with a woman). A qualitative research study is not statistical, but explores the experience of a small cohort in depth. Meticulous questioning and careful listening attempts to uncover the "why" of a particular phenomena.


Sam conducted extensive interviews with ten men who had a history of same sex attraction and gay relationships, yet who were now married to Christian women. In their reflections, the men compared these stable marriages (over five years long) to their previous monogendered (man with a man) relationships. The resulting insights were striking.



This study was summarized in Part III of the book, enGendered. For those wishing to learn more, Buswell Library's Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Collection program makes this research paper available for free. Access the complete dissertation with the button below: