Not an Outlaw After All (Yet)

It looked as though I would become an outlaw in California. AB 2943, labeled it fraud, and so a crime, to sell something telling a man with same-sex attraction that he didn’t have to be gay. It passed in both chambers of the West Coast state legislature. But the bill was suddenly withdrawn by CA Assemblyman at the last minute. What does this say about sexuality change?

The Problem with Revoicing Our Desires

At times a call is made to reach out to those who might follow Christ, but who struggle with unbidden sexual desires that contradict Christ’s call. The call is to deal with those unbidden desires with understanding and mercy. This is a good call. While Christ calls people to take up their crosses and follow Him, He does so while bearing their burden. But then, we need to be truthful about what understanding and mercy are.

“Born This Way” Soon to Go Away

If there was an anthem for the last ten years of gender minimization, it would be the sentence, “I was born this way.” The proclamation would stop conversations, halt dialogues, silence critics. Now the chorus is dying away and, like most pop songs, it will soon be forgotten.

Three Questions Our Culture Can No Longer Answer

A Time of Confusion about the Basics What is a Christian response to people who no longer know their left hand from their right (Jonah 4:11)? Or, in our case, their men from their women? The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a landmark ruling recently that redefines the term “sex” in the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include …

The Birth of the Homosexual

At the enGendered Conference at Peace Church two weeks ago, Rosaria Butterfield gave an insightful talk on “How we Got Here – Gender and Sexuality,” critiquing the attempt to build an identity on one’s sexual desires. In it, she referenced Michel Foucault’s influential 1976 work, The History of Sexuality, whence comes our popular phrase, “the will to power.” Most normal …

Three Things You Need When Your Adult Child Says, “I am gay.”

To Christian parents, those three words are a shock, beginning a cascade of difficult feelings. Despite the cultural shift, most Christians still disagree that adopting a gay identity is a good move so hearing those three words still brings anguish. After years of AffirmingGender ministry, I find this to be an increasingly common experience among those I address who are …

Qualified to Speak: An admiration of Glenn T. Stanton

A question often asked of me while Affirming Gender is how to deal with friends or loved ones making gender decisions we feel are bad for them. A book I often recommend, especially if short on time to answer, is Glenn T. Stanton’s Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth (2014). Mr. Stanton gets gender in a …