When a Husband Defies a Wife

“When Mamma Ain’t Happy, Nobody’s Happy.” That is what my fellow church elder said to me many years ago. It describes how a wife, when her will or opinion is defied, has ways of making a husband’s life miserable until she gets her way. Is there a stand against it?

You Cannot Know Yourself Alone

People feel comfortable saying, “I have a woman’s body but I am a man inside.” Yet how do we indeed come to know ourselves inside? Can we know who we are without any help from the outside, like from our bodies or our friends or our Creator? A moment’s thought should undo this falsehood.

Not an Outlaw After All (Yet)

It looked as though I would become an outlaw in California. AB 2943, labeled it fraud, and so a crime, to sell something telling a man with same-sex attraction that he didn’t have to be gay. It passed in both chambers of the West Coast state legislature. But the bill was suddenly withdrawn by CA Assemblyman at the last minute. What does this say about sexuality change?