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World Magazine 2015 Book of Year (Accessible Theology)

"Andreades guides readers through at least three crucial cultural debates: Are men and women different? How should husbands and wives help each other? What about same-sex marriage?...[writing] with wonderful flow"
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Gregory R. Perry, Former Associate Professor of New Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

“I used Sam’s book in my class on the Pastoral and General Epistles at Covenant Seminary, because he has provided new categories and language for one of the most important discussions of our cultural moment.

His research and helpful articulation of the gift of gender honors two vital conversation partners—the Holy Spirit speaking through the Scriptures, and dignified, fallen image-bearers, who are struggling with how sex and gender shape human identity, relationships and vocation.

enGendered invites Christians and non-Christians, men and women, married and unmarried, those who are attracted to the opposite sex or the same sex to consider God’s gift of gender and models the clear, compassionate and respectful conversation we need.”

Amazon reviews:

"Profound Work. One of the best I've ever read."

"...I get a little grumpy talking about "gender roles " and such, so I didn't really want to read this. While processing through a lot of questions personally as a newlywed, friend of members of the LGBT community, and in light of recent events, this book is gently but firmly helping me think biblically and theologically through some tough stuff. Learning about God, people, and myself through Andreades' words...."

"One of the most winsomely-phrased and gently delivered messages on "gender theology" from a complementarian stance I have ever read. In fact, I don't think I've ever read any book on gender from a Christian point of view that I would call "theology", other than enGendered. For me, it completely demystified difficult passages in Scripture..."

"...This material is rich and it does not bend to cultural stereotypes about gender..."

"...I'd recommend this book to everyone (required reading for all my children)..."

"...An excellent book. Gave me a strong, encouraging picture of the God-ordained relationship between men and women..."
"...Great read, explains why God created TWO sexes..."
"Well thought through as Andreades deals with various passages from the Bible and real life scenarios."
"Truly insightful and helpful. Very freeing in the struggle of what is appropriate!"
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Goodreads Community Reviews:

"This is one of the best books I've read in quite awhile. The concepts of gender and sexuality are a huge part of our culture today, but they are difficult to understand. It's a very confusing topic: why are there even genders? do they matter? If so, why and how? This book does a brilliant job of answering these in thoughtful, deep ways that will challenge you. It changed my thinking in quite a few ways...I think it would be profitable reading for anyone, at any place in life. It answered questions I didn't know I had, or hadn't ever had to face myself yet."

"Great book. Explores the theme of gender as a relationship between man and woman...Great biblical principles to help root...relationships in scripture, rather than traditional or modern cultural practices."
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Fred G. Zaspel, Books at a Glance

"Andreades has considerable experience addressing these kinds of questions, and his [book] provides a biblical perspective of the various issues and questions we typically hear on people’s lips today...Throughout his treatment of the subject is both informed and pastorally sensitive. He offers a robust affirmation of the ontological equality of the sexes. His identification of the divine “image” as inclusive of both male and female is especially strong. And of particular value is explaining gender significance terms of relationship.
"[He]...has conducted years of research that he shares throughout the book, not just interviews with couples, simply, but also interviews with former homosexuals who now enjoy a married, heterosexual relationship. The responses are often revealing and illustrative of biblical teaching. A positive, helpful, sensitive, faithful, engaging, and timely book."
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Jim Harrelson, Lifeway

"enGendered is a winsome and eloquent theology of gender. Writing in a calm, confident, and positive tone, and concluding that gender difference is a gift from God that should be celebrated, enGendered goes a long way in speaking the truth in love and avoiding the shrill tone of polemics and emotionalism that too often characterizes discussions on this topic..."
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"The award-winning book by Pastor Sam Andreades has many beautifully written "scenic overlooks" - stories inspired by biblical passages..."
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Mark Saucy, Department Chair of Theology, Talbot Seminary

"Curious What the Bible says about Gender? Get This Book! While I’m not usually too much into “merchandising in the Temple,” I must here. That’s because the book at issue in this modest review is a grabber. Not only does it concern a topic most pressing in our ever secularizing’s a topic that touches every one of us in everything we do...I personally found the book so compelling and empowering to men and women....[because it] showed me that the Bible speaks of gender in ways I did not. Robustly Biblical, theologically astute, social science current...there is...much of value chocked into [enGendered]..."
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J. Carl Laney, Professor of Biblical Literature, Western Seminary

"Of the many books and articles I have read on the roles of men and women in the church and in the home, this book is unique in grounding the discussion on the concept of gender as a divine gift...Chapter 14, “A Gift to Foster Intimacy,” is worth the price of the book…I found enGendered to be a refreshingly different approach to gender issues...I look forward to reading the book again and to allow time for these new thoughts to simmer. "
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byFaith Magazine

"Gender Identity in the 21st century is a blurry picture. Christians struggle to interpret gendered relationships through the lens of cultural roles and norms. With detailed verse-by-verse analyses and relatable anecdotes, PCA pastor Sam Andreades makes the case for biblical distinctions between the sexes. His responses embrace complexity and don’t shy away from tough questions..."
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"a valuable tool for many church leaders..."
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