When a Husband Defies a Wife

“When Mamma Ain’t Happy, Nobody’s Happy.” That is what my fellow church elder said to me many years ago. It describes how a wife, when her will or opinion is defied, has ways of making a husband’s life miserable until she gets her way. Is there a stand against it?

Marital Competition on the Rise. Guess Why?

The Wall Street Journal’s recent article on spousal competition, while not saying anything particularly meaningful about it, shows this rising phenomenon in the gender-minimizing marriages of today. But competition between partners is exactly the thing God created gender to eliminate.

The Starting Lines Don’t Matter

People have a hard time suppressing all of God’s truth. There is usually some of His common grace operating wherever you see relationships. When you come to recognize the Biblical principles of gender, you can see the good happening even when dressed in some gaudily bad outfits.

A Woman’s Thing

I am a woman who has struggled intensely with lust and sexual sin for most of my life, while also battling deep shame in the context of a church that always speaks about sexuality as a man’s struggle. The painful lie is that something is disgustingly wrong with me, that especially in church, I can’t talk about it.