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Two weeks ago, President Biden quietly changed Title IX Regulations, which address sexual discrimination in schools. What changed? To insist that boys who want to be seen as girls be treated as if they were. The new regulations, for our country’s educational institutions supported by the government, redefine sexual discrimination to apply to self-chosen gender. It seems, then, that now is a good time to update our recommended resources for understanding transgenderism from a Christian perspective.


This list has grown. Much more help than just a few years ago hides in plain sight.  There are also other resources that touch on transgenderism in different ways, but the following are dedicated works which I like and have found helpful. Perhaps you could add others. The links lead to my reviews when available.


Informative Testimonials

As mentioned, these stories used to be harder to find than they are now. As we enter the era of “detransitioning,” a lot more confessions have surfaced on YouTube. But here are some great standards:

  • Tranzformed DVD (2017), from Pure Passion Media, now available through Restored Hope Network—Fairly in-depth 105 minute treatment of fifteen sincere souls, opening up their lives to us and explaining what took them into trans-land and how they traveled thence to true gender affirmation. Spoiler alert: Jesus Christ plays a starring role. Reviewed on as “Alternative Trans-stories.”
  • I Want My Sex Back-(2018)-Very telling Artyom Vorobey documentary, giving three stories of there and back again, not without consequence: Billy Burleigh, Rene Jax, and Walt Heyer. A lot of clarity in under 25 minutes.
  • Laura Perry Smalts, Transgender to Transformed: A Story of transition that will truly set you free (2019, 2021) –Autobiographical book of a typical (as typical as these can be) gender-body journey, the experiences and thoughts, there and back again right before the craze, 2007-2015. How it happens, and how God rescues.
  • Walt Heyer, Trading My Sorrows, TransLife Survivors (2018)Wise one who “detransitioned” and has helped many others back. His website, com, adds more stories.
  • Divorcing The Transgender Community” (March 13, 2018) Gretchen Rachel Hammond’s informative testimony article speaks of a “progressively Orwellian” aura, “continually evolving rules”, and a community “eating their own.”
  • Denise Schick, Understanding Gender Confusion (2014) -An early entry into the testimonial space, the last part of the book is wonderful: four chapter long testimonies of gender dysphoric people who get freedom. (She runs the website: com in the Kentucky area)
  • Pique Resilience Project, a group of 4 girls who are detransitioner activists.




Cultural Analysis

(In reverse date order)

Across the Kitchen Table: Talking about Trans with Your Teen (2023), Part III. —Of course, I have to list this.

The Madness of Crowds, Douglas Murray (2023) -Erudite and witty analysis of Western Culture from a secular perspective. Click the link for my review.

The Genesis of Gender, Abigail Favale (2022) – The conversion and transformation of a Gender Studies professor, explain through a beautifully written, Roman Catholic “theory of gender,” as she calls it. I took two posts to review it, so it must be an important book.

What is a Woman, (the book-2022) -Matt Walsh’s companion work showing the research that went into his movie of the same name. It contains valuable historical synopses of the origin of trans, as well as a fuller explanation of the medical trans operations.

Trans: Gender Identity and the New Battle for Women’s Rights, Helen Joyce (2021) -a helpful secular expose on the culture’s move to transgenderism, from an aging feminist and mother who is very angry about the inevitable collision with women’s rights and children. I talk about her building on “borrowed foundations.”

Irreversible Damage, Abigail Shrier (2020) –Well researched (and well-known) expose on what is happening now among American teenage girls and a reasoned plea to stop it.

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, Carl R. Trueman (2020) erudite treatment of the philosophical undercurrents that make transgenderism plausible to people today. One way to look at it, for the philosophically minded.

Love Thy Body, Nancy Pearcey (2018)—Another helpful take for the philosophical perspective, Chapter 6 (w/her Introduction & Chapter 1) is an excellent analysis of what went on in society’s acceptance of transgenderism.

When Harry Became Sally, Ryan Anderson (2018) – In depth review on what happened in the culture six years prior, very informative, societal and legal, but not trying to be pastoral.



Pastoral-Biblical Help

Across the Kitchen Table: Talking about Trans with Your Teen (2023), Parts I & II. —This really is a really good book, really!   /The Issue  -look along the right hand side for topic of “Transgenderism” Category. Frequent posts recently focused on this matter.


Transformation: A Former Transgender Responds to LGBTQ, by Linda A. Seiler (2023) (Review to come)–Last year saw the emergence of this truly helpful work based on Dr. Seiler’s own personal transformation, her dissertation, and the good care she received along the way. Large and broad, timely advice on a range of issues graces the pages. Her website,, also provides quick guides and a page on “rapid onset” gender dysphoria. (Incidentally, she is one of those featured in the Tranzformed video).


The Gospel in the Gay Bars, by Ryan Haines (2022) This book is not about the issue itself as much as an example of speaking to our culture in truth and love. I include it because in it Ryan tells his wonderful story of walking with his trans friend through the friend’s sad transition.


Transgender (Talking Points series), by Vaughan Roberts (2016). An early entry and a good little book in 75 pages. The author does not try to answer everything but gives a general view of gender dysphoria from a Christian Creation-Fall-Redemption framework written with a steady and compassionate tone.


Theology of the Body, Pope John Paul IIClassic 20th century Roman Catholic work that foresaw the issues of the coming decades. Easier to read is Christopher West, Fill These Hearts (2013) or his more recent Our Bodies Tell God’s Story: Discovering the Divine Plan for Love, Sex, and Gender (2020). These go deep into the theological meaning of the body. But Christopher is a great teacher, both in explaining things and in showing their practicality.



In general… -contains resources and support groups for recovery from sexual sin in general.


The Restored Hope Network also presents a map of ministries, therapists and churches providing solid help in the area of sexuality and gender, including for the gender-distressed.



The Clinical View:
  • Andrew Scull, Desperate Remedies (2022) -a book-long recounting of the bloodbath which is the history of psychiatric medical treatment of mental distress and illness. Though not the author’s intent, it is impossible to read it without seeing parallels to what is going on today in the “care” for the gender distressed. For this invaluable perspective, I highlighted it in Across the Kitchen Table, Piece (chapter) 13.
  • Susan Evans and Marcus Evans, Gender Dysphoria: A Therapeutic Model for Working with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults (2021). “A Helpful Secular Approach to Youthful Gender Troubles.” Two of those instrumental in turning England around on the issue of treating children understand trans in terms of trauma.
  • Quentin Van Meter, a presentation (2018) by a pediatric endocrinologist who has lived through the bizarre transformation of his field. He illuminates the strange and rather unscientific history of transgender medicine.
  • Paul McHugh, “Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution,” The Wall Street Journal, June 12, 2014/2016. He weighs in twenty years later still making the plea to stop.
  • Paper Genders, Walt Heyer (2011), Reviewed on as “Daring to Ask, is Trans-surgery the answer?” 2017.
  • Paul McHugh, “Psychiatric Misadventures,” The American Scholar 61, no. 4 (1992); 502-503. This early assessment came from the medical hero who stopped the atrocities of John Money and opened and then shut down the clinic at Johns Hopkins (though it then reopened).
  • –probably largest consortium of information for those who question trans ideology


For those wishing to find therapists/counselors in their area for children, these understand gender dysphoria from a sound perspective:

American College of Pediatricians



Other help


The liabilities of our culture have greatly increased.

So has the help.

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