He Called Them Two By Two

Recent headlines proclaim medical breakthroughs which will enable lesbian couples to bear children together. The headlines make for a sensational news cycle, but are misleading in claiming that the sexually dimorphic (that is, needing both male and female) reproductive process has been circumvented.

Strange Science in the Service of a Statement

The Endocrine Society’s position statement on transgender health promises that “considerable scientific evidence has emerged demonstrating a durable biological element underlying gender identity.” The Society uses these results to advise insurance companies to cover sex changes operations. I am still waiting to see the “considerable scientific evidence” of a biologically based gender identity apart from one’s biological sex.

The Lascivious–Free Super Bowl

This game, like the other recent ones, have displayed repeated opportunities to marvel at the achievement of the male body. But absent was any of the usual exploitation of the female body to sell things. The female body was respected. And we were free to celebrate the male.

A Deepening Reflection of God in His Creatures

Our being made male and female is an important part of being made in God’s Image.  Yet being male and female isn’t unique to humans, but is found throughout creation, including in plants and flowers.  This means that the human gift of gender goes far beyond just maleness and femaleness.

The Amazing SRY Gene: The Male On-Off Switch

The waterfall of information pouring forth from the mapping of the human genome continues to supply wondrous insight into our selves. One of these watershed discoveries came when the British researcher, Peter Goodfellow, identified the SRY gene as the male on-off switch (Nature 348 (1990): 448–50).   When we say that a person’s sex, male or female, is in the …

The Enfleshment of Ultimate Meaning

The human being is not a soul “in” a body. Because of the profound unity of body and soul in God’s design, our bodies are not something we “have” or “own” alongside ourselves. In a very real way, we are our bodies. Our bodies reveal the spiritual mystery of our souls.

National Geographic Gender Minimizing Masquerading as Science

Today we have a guest to AffirmingGender.com, Nicholas Black, Education & Resources Director of Harvest USA. Nick gives us a very thoughtful and helpful analysis of one of the articles in the recent National Geographic issue on gender. Here’s Nick…   Ever since I was a kid I have been a long-time reader of the National Geographic magazine. So I …

Why You Should Believe Gender is Real if You Are a Christian

Nearly all Christians have a firm belief that humanity is made up of male and female, based on what they read in Genesis 1:27. “…male and female [God] created them.”  But what about the concept of gender? Here they are fuzzy. Masculinity and Femininity are hard to define, and passing through Western schools is liable to convince you that these …