The Trinity Teaches Us Truly

Ephesians 5:1 tells us to be “imitators of God.” Okay. But how do we imitate God? Some theologians say that we should not look to God’s triune relationships, ad intra, as examples for our own. They say that there is nothing to prescribe our relations with one another in what They do for One Another.   This is a grave …

A Conversation About Who We Are

A providential conversation with a Trinitarian theologian briefly explores who we are. I love hanging around these exotic beasts, as they have thought long and hard about the meaning of the great Three in One. As such, they stand as caretakers of one of the keys to the universe.

Why Not Threesomes?

If gender comes from being made in God’s image, and we as men and women in relationship are an analogy of the hidden relations of Trinity of Persons in the One God, then why are there only two genders?

Trinitarian Delight

Want to understand the Trinity of God more deeply and clearly? British Trinitarian Theologian, Michael Reeves is that most wonderful of all things, a theologian with a sense of humor. His book brings a cheerful clarity and an appreciation of how God’s internal relationships can inform and inspire our own.

Thoughtful Teens Start to Talk Back

You knew it had to come eventually, right? Some gender dysphoric teen would eventually stop and ask, “Is altering my body, like these doctors are pressing me to do, really going to help me?” Or his parent will ask, “Is cutting parts off of him really going to add to him?” These questions you will increasingly hear, and not just from religious folk who tend to believe Genesis 1.

Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit: What it’s REALLY About

What is the terrible sin of “blasphemy against the Holy Spirit,” and why did Jesus say that it won’t be forgiven? This is what Bible-readers always want to know upon reading Matthew 12. And they spend hours talking about it. Some even wonder if they have committed this sin inadvertently and are therefore beyond Divine favor. The key to what is really going on is seeing that this is about the Trinitarian relationships.

“Let us…”’ Unveil God

In his passionate 2013 book, Fully Alive, page 35, Larry Crabb makes a highly significant point. He notes how, when God created us in Genesis 1:26, The Creator said, “Let us make man in our image.” As Dr. Crabb points out, “it is only when God made male and female human beings that he introduced Himself as persons-in-community.” In other …