Those Seeking Can Now Find: Entering a New Era of Good Counsel

One might expect, by this time, those actually helping trans folks to change course have emerged. As recently posted in my updated recommendations, good counsel now appears in print for those seeking a different path to relief for their gender consternation. Enter Transformation: A Former Transgender Responds to LGBTQ, by Linda A. Seiler (2023), one of those mentioned and a prime offering of this new school. This great big book, big for its broadness (discussing homosexuality as well as transgenderism), promotes change by redemptive relationships and inner healing.


Seekers find different pathways in Christ to change and this is a solid one. The author builds her framework from her own long history into trans-land and back again. She is lucid and systematic as she candidly recounts her long story:


“My sexual attractions were rooted in my own insecurity as a female, and my attempt to bond sexuality with [an admired woman minister] was a subconscious effort to become one with her femininity in order to complete what I deemed lacking in myself…I rejected my mom early on, perceiving her as weak and emotional” (p21).


She also has memorable ways of recounting her lessons:


“In short, we get hurt in relationship, an we get healed in relationship” (p159).


“The transformation process is much like peeling back the layers of an onion…Peeling an onion can be messy, stinky, and bring tears to your eyes” (P149, 151)


Coming from a different theological tradition, I cannot go along with every explanation Dr. Seiler gives. But my differences are not enough to keep me from liking the book. I want to recommend it for the much good insight on actual change one finds in its pages. Such as how one’s foremost goal needs to be intimacy with Jesus. Otherwise, one could end up making change itself an idol. Or how, in important ways, the trans struggle is like any other struggle with wrongful tendencies that believers have.


In short, readers will find a great deal of helpful advice. I am very pleased to see books like these now making it to print, so that those who are seeking can find.


Thanks, Dr. Seiler!

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