Christ is Masculinity Extraordinaire

In relationship to His Church, Jesus Christ demonstrates the archetype of masculinity in its pure form. (In another context, Christ shows us where femininity came from also.) The apostle Paul calls forth the excellency of Christ becoming our husband in 1Corinthians 11:2-3, while Ephesians 5:22-33 explains it more fully, two examples among others.

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So if you want to see a real man, look at Christ in this relationship to His Church.


Jesus took charge for us even when we were apathetic and unappreciative. He wielded rightful authority when it was most needed, and people noticed and were astonished (Matthew 7:28-29). He did the kind of things that make us say, “Whew. I am glad he is in charge. It is so needed!” And He knew exactly when to lay that authority down too (Mark 10:42-45).


No one has done more than Jesus to make His woman secure. When we had no hero to rescue us, tied to a pirate ship’s mast, He was a real man for his bride. He swung across to the rebel vessel, and fought a troop to reach the mast. With one definitive action, cut against wood, our bonds were slashed. Though He suffered—yes, really suffered—wounds in the fight, He managed to battle His way to starboard side and swing back, with us in his arms, to heavenly safety. In ways we just couldn’t, He did.


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I was once talking to my married friend, Scott, after Peter Jackson’s King Kong came out ten years ago. I was knocked back a few steps when he told me why he loved the movie. It was the scene where Kong fought not one, not two, but THREE tyrannosaurus rex’s, in the midst of having his arms chomped AND falling off a cliff, all the while keeping Ann safe. In that scene, Scott saw the man he wanted to be for his wife. I hadn’t thought of Kong that way (namely because it was a gorilla), but I was taken with what Scott was responding to. In terms of raw accomplishment, that was what Christ did for us. I never forgot it.


Jesus and us was never just about Jesus and us.  Our Head leads us in a mission, keeps the sights steady, and is willing to correct us when we get off the track. (I do not know how many wives lose focus about the marriage’s mission but, honestly, the church does quite a bit). He shows us the will of God for the work of the church. He manages us to get it done by fostering our gifts to make the most impact. It may not seem like that is what He is doing all the time, but that is because we are not taking enough steps back to see it.  Christ makes some mighty strange moves with His people, but it is all towards accomplishing the mission of making disciples.


And what does that mission accomplish? The glory of His First, but that is another relationship…and another story.


If you want to see a real man, look at Jesus Christ with His bride. Masculinity unleashed.


Can you see Jesus this way?

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