What Enoch Thinks (Part I – The Asymmetrical Questions)

As part of promoting this new book, the publisher asked me to make a video explaining something about it. My son, Enoch, who is dating, kindly agreed to help by appearing in it with me. At first, I scripted it all out, creating dialogue that covered the salient points of the material. But when we recorded this, it came off miserably.

Then the camera person, my artistic wife, suggested we just roll the camera while Enoch and I had the kind of conversations we normally had. We really do have excellent talks when he can talk about what he wants. Here is part 1 of what resulted, which turned over a brief cover of the gender asymmetries in dating test questions:




How do you think it turned out?



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  1. Karen Lacy

    Love it! This is the kind of stuff people eat up. Natural conversations, a little riffing off each other, honest questions and answers that prod more questions sometimes. Well done, gentlemen.

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