Free Book of Your Choice from Cruciform!

For those of you thinking of buying Dating With Discernment, this may be what you’ve been waiting for. The publisher is offering a free copy of any book they publish for all those buying the dating book on Amazon. This is a rather good offer since Cruciform Press publishes a lot of great authors, from Charles Dickens to John Piper.

Here’s all you need to do:

1) Buy Dating with Discernment from Amazon.
2) Read enough of it to decide what you think.
3) Rate with a brief review on the Amazon page as a verified purchaser.
4) Send a link of your review to Cruciform to receive a coupon code to use at checkout for a free book.
5) Order the book you want!

Now, when we say “brief,” we really mean that the review doesn’t have to be long. A few sentences is fine. And, by the way, it doesn’t even have to be positive. If the book really rubs you the wrong way, that’s fair game for a review also. Just so long as it is what you really think.


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