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We took an important step this week. If you have spent any time on the AffirmingGender website, you might have noticed a new menu item up at the top. This new choice is right next to the recent ‘Help!’ tab for people needing pastoral gender-related care. It is our ‘Donate’ button.


It is there because The Gift of Gender, a new non-profit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania, is born. This entity has come forth to help people celebrate the magnificent gift that God has given us in making us man and woman. It will facilitate the pastoring, weeping with, speaking, writing, researching, equipping, challenging, partnering and ‘pal’-ing around that we do in this ministry. It will educate and empower people to enjoy what God has given us in creating us gendered. It will help people in the truth of being made in His image.


Doing this ministry under a non-profit provides several benefits, such as good financial accountability and legal protection. It also gives a way for the larger body of Christ to participate with financial support.


As you know, I don’t charge for the site or for pastoral help. The public speaking has now reached thousands of people but there is a real need for folks to get personal help in various areas of gender. I periodically meet with people as my off-time allows, and advise over email, but do not collect a fee. The Gift of Gender means we will be ready to expand this needed work, with staff and technology, as Providence permits. Hence, the Donate button.


Many thanks to those of you who have subscribed, read, digested, and commented on the Affirming Gender posts. I am honored to have had your attention. I am more glad that there are folks who desire to understand and grow in the God given gift. The most effective way to counteract gender disintegration is to enjoy this gift, lean into it, let it work its wonder in our relationships. Let us see what the Lord will do.


I feel like I have a long way still to go to be a real man. But I am glad the way is charted for me. How about you?



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  1. Linda Irwin

    I am happy to hear your ministry has taken this step forward. The work you are doing is very valuable to the body of Christ. I believe it would be difficult in our current society to find a single person who is not connected, either personally, through family, friends, or co-workers with these issues. It is important for Christians to know how to speak biblically into these matters, and your work is enabling many of us to do that. Thank you!

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