Where Can I Get Help? Pastoral Care Through AffirmingGender

What am I going to do with these feelings? I can’t stand living in this body. Someone told me about this AffirmingGender website but it’s all talk. Where can I get HELP?

I am pulling my hair out. I don’t know how to deal with my relative who is claiming such strange things about himself. Where can I turn for HELP?

There has been something lacking in our website.

AffirmigGender.com has a path to take for those who want to learn about different issues of Monogendered vs. Intergendered Romance, Equality and Asymmetry in Marriage and the Church, Gender Dysphoria, and Trans- and Body Alienation Issues. Different posts help you think and discuss, and can be explored via names on the site or post categories, and a subscription service. Informing has been the central focus of the site in this way.


And there is, of course, a way to find out more about the book, enGendered, to read others’ interaction with it and a link to order it and its small group study guide if you wish.


The website also grants an easy way to find out about a speaker for your event—generally me so far—providing samples and information. The Speaker page is set up to help you visualize what you want as you plan a large group meeting.


But this ministry site has lacked something important, a something that has been increasingly on my heart: an invitation to actually help those with gender problems. The need is so great, and will only get greater. I thought that there should be a way to use the website to give gender-strugglers a pastoral hand, in a way that cannot be done in a group.


Voila, the fourth tab. You’ll notice now a fourth menu choice up top in the header. This is for those coming to the site simply looking for help or advice with their problem.

Besides, ‘The Issue,’ ‘The Book,’ ‘The Speaker,’ there is now simply an invite for ‘Help!’ If you click on Help!, you will be taken to a screen with a form asking a few questions and providing a place for you to confidentially describe your particular need.


Although I can answer some of these inquiries myself, the location information provided will also allow us to enlist the help of a trusted source who may be more local to the inquirer. Ideally, this could move toward our assisting a person’s local church in helping, but that may not always be possible.


Best of all, it’s all free to the one in need. With this addition, I feel like the site is now much more useful to the ministerial cause of recovering God’s image in our era of gender-minimization.


Is there someone that you know who could benefit from pastoral care in an area of gender? Especially, now, a man who is no longer comfortable being a man or vice-versa? We are here to walk with such people. Can you send the person this way?


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