Where We’re Affirming Gender This Year


For those who want to affirm God’s gift of gender, that intimacy-inducing, fruitfulness-producing, identity-inculcating, God-imaging dynamic of being human, here are our scheduled live engagements to help. These, the dates that are definite this year, are where you can hear, at least, this still, small voice. All are in beautiful settings that echo the creational glory…




The first is a couple podcasts that are already out. For some of the Reformed tradition up in the glorious Country of Maple & Moose, where the culture is further along in disregarding the gift, there is the Real Talk Podcast. These brave young folks of the Reformed Tradition wanted to speak about Across the Kitchen Table, and the result was Restoring the Gender Binary, a great conversation unpacking some of the principles of that book. Lucas, the host, made it a great time.




On April 14, we will be doing Part II of our visit to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Exton. I am honored to be part of Rev. Dr. Timothy Brown’s sermon series on Gender, Sexuality and the Gospel. Our day there last month (3/10) focused on understanding gayness from the Bible. Next week I will return to concentrate on trans. I will preach on this topic (9:30am), with an elaboration session (11:15am) following the worship service. The afternoon will hold opportunities for private meetings and an early evening final session for application and answering questions (6:00pm). We welcome folks in the area for a day to inspire hope for the gender troubled. (By the way, also based in the State of Virtue, Liberty & Independence, ServingLeaders Ministry kindly included me in their podcast series. Dave Wiedis hosted me for a recent great conversation.)




Six years ago saw me about to be branded an outlaw in the Golden State, from which I narrowly escaped. Well, the Gift of Gender rides again this summer, June 21-22, at the Restored Hope Network National Conference, in Rocklin, outside of Sacramento. RHN forms an organization of great integrity and creativity, bravely rising up to restore hope to those broken by sexual and relational sin. I am thrilled to be helping out by speaking at this important conference.



The Adirondacks

The Gift of Gender Conference comes to Queensbury, New York, on September 27-29. If you are in the area of this verdant country, we welcome you to the full presentation this fall. This one has been a long time in the making, hosted by the faithful Redeemer Reformed Presbyterian Church to serve the churches in the area.



There may be more to come, but these are the definite ones. I welcome you to join us as we explore what it means to celebrate the gift in a culture doing its darndest to denigrate it.

See you soon!



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