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Books like Across the Kitchen Table are great but people loving people with gender issues often need more. Harvest, USA comes to the rescue with two new online courses. These new offerings consist of video presentations along with a downloadable Participant’s Guide and Discussion Questions. They currently offer two free courses. I toured through the second, Parenting Boys and Girls in a Gender-Confused World, with great pleasure. So, I’d like to highlight this more fine-grained support here.


Part I of the Harvest Course spends a while explaining the phenomena of people rejecting Biblical division of gender and the hyper-individualized, subjective understanding of personhood that results. And the results are not good. From 2010 to today, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the number of teens struggling with major depression has risen 145% for girls and 161% for boys. Also since 2010, American undergraduates have experienced a 134% increase in anxiety, a 106% increase in depression, and a 100% increase in anorexia. For ages 15-26, suicide is the second leading cause of death. 20% of high school students have contemplated suicide (9% have tried). The breakdown of gender, of course, means the breakdown of identity.




In Part II, their tree model guides us not to the behavior or external acts, but to the heart, reminding us that we cannot blame the soil (context) for our wrong courses of action, but we cannot ignore it either. How they handle education options in a public square increasingly hostile to Christianity is a good example of the nuance of the course. They challenge parents to consider big changes in their kids’ schooling when needed while leaving the door open to different choices.




Third, the instructors, Mark Sanders and Ellen Dykas, give helpful exhortations to parents, regarding technology, time, and tenacity. The approach highlights the salient ways of winning our children’s hearts. The material provides many ideas about how to talk to your children at different ages.


Need a more fine-grained Biblical treatment of gender as a parent? Look no further.



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