The Fall Gender Victory Tour

I believe we are reaching a crucial point in Christ’s conversation with the Western church about following Him. He is conducting it through the tumult arising in the culture’s rejection of His gift of gender. Earlier this summer, I took some time and really sought His direction about what to do to help in the area of gender recovery in the fall.  Almost immediately, a speaking tour materialized. For those of you interested in the going’s on, I have compiled a list of appearances below. I see His gentle providence in these for what God would like to do. For those who have ears to hear at these venues, I believe my current presentation of the principles of gender will be just what they need. After speaking at a theology forum at Christ’s Church, Westchester, PA (on 6/29), I realized that, now after several years more research, the ingredients in the presentation are in place now to offer solid help in a clear and forthright manner. We have an aid for what ails the culture. And people now see the need.

So I am calling this the Fall Gender Victory Tour. We have updated our speaker page for information about me and the content. So now….

The Fall Gender Victory Tour 

  1. New Covenant Church, Lewes, DE: The   enGendered Seminar

Sept 9-11 Fri night, Sat. morning, Sunday service sermon

What better way to close out the summer than down on the shore with a discussion of God’s precious gift and how to preserve it in our lives? Many thanks to Pastor Dekker for his indefatigable energy in engaging the culture on the radio, which led to having me visit. We will have plenty of time for Q&A with the attending audience.




2. Brandywine Valley Baptist Church, Wilmington, DE       Gender & Sexuality Forum

9/30 -10/01 Friday night, Sat morning conference

I am thrilled to be speaking with long-time truth-teller about trans, Walt Heyer, and Lyn Doyle, an important voice in that congregation. We will also be joined by the energetic Dr. Ray Johnson, who always seems to turn up wherever he is needed. I also have great admiration for Pastor Nate Keeler who has pulled it all together.





3. Grace Valley Fellowship, Phoenixville, PA

10/9 Sunday preaching, evening 2.5 hour event

Forward-thinking Pastor Paul Anderson has reached out to bring the celebration of gender to his lively congregation right here in local land. The friendship between our two churches makes this “Gender-themed Sunday” a sensible partnership.  Several of the thoughtful GVF young people in our common weekly ultimate frisbee game are reading Dating with Discernment as they are dating. I enjoy seeing how they are responding to the ideas in the book. Probably there will be mixed reactions at this church to my teaching, which should make for some engaging interaction.



4. Christ the King Church, Raleigh, NC Gift of Gender Weekend Conference

10/21-23 Friday night, 6:00-8:00, Saturday morning, 9:00—12:00, Sunday preaching

It is a privilege to be visiting the church of one of the pastors I most admire, Geoff Bradford, down in the land of the peach blossoms. One reason is to see how Geoff and his elders have implemented a successful women’s council to advise the church session. Having tried this myself, I know how hard it is to do. But they have done it! This full weekend will give the most time to explore the constellation of topics surrounding gender and how the Bible helps us address them.


5. Faith Church, Fairless Hills, PA, Gift of Gender Conference

10/29, Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. 

The ever-faithful Pastor Jules Grisham is having me over for the day to see what can go down in Buck’s County to help the cause of God’s image-bearing. This day will close out the fall tour as we try to bring the message out in a way that serves everyone. I am grateful for the opportunity to visit this faithful church in the suburbs of Phily.

(In addition to these, look for an all-day January 15, 2023 conference at Sand Harbor Presbyterian Church, Jupiter, FL. Because, what better thing is there to do in January except go to Florida?)


These appearances will feature Book Giveaways, fun stories, deep theology and plenty of Biblical exegesis to bring the principles of gender to life. It still remains to be seen how the church and its onlookers will respond to what Christ is doing in calling us to follow. You and your friends are welcome to join us at the one of these closest to you to help recover the meaning and power of gender in our relationships.

Catch you at the back of the North Wind!

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  1. Keith Gallagher

    Sam, as someone who was in the scientific corporate world for 40 years, I often heard how the further removed scientific leaders were from the lab bench, the more disconnected they became from the realities of the day to day ‘business’ in the lab. As an older man, blessed to interact with young adults in both my community and my church, I do not want to become that person. Looking forward to presentation at GVF on 10/9!

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