Really Helpful List of Ex-gay, Ex-trans and Gender Celebrating Ministries

People ask me where to go, in a certain geographical area or discipline, for help against the gender disintegration going on around them. Whether it is those with unwanted same-sex attraction who reject the demand to just be gay, or the gender dysphoric who realize that transitioning cannot be the solution, or those who want more sensible answers to gender questions, they wonder where to turn. And they don’t know what to google.





Well, a great new service has been provided to help you find a probably great group in your own area, if there is one. It is a report put out by a group that calls itself GPAHE. Try to ignore the unpronounceable acronym and resist the mental image of the inside of a pencil.

Photo By: Lara Schneider

I guess it stands for the Global Project Against Hate Extremism. But whatever their limited appellative acumen, they are determined to rid the internet of all traces of alternate help for the gendered troubled. And they will do it by scrubbing online search engines of any trace of Christian or gender-sane counsel.



But this is really good news. Because, to support their work, they catalogued all the ministries they could find that they don’t like, and offer the list for free right here. The report identifies the city and state (or country) of each service’s headquarters, their website, Facebook and Instagram pages, and a description of exactly why the group has raised the ire of the Inside-the-Pencil club. It’s fantastic!


Download this 39-page compendium—like I have—and hold on to it. (Many thanks to the Global Faith and Equality Fund at the Horizons Foundation that funded the report, by the way.) I would be exaggerating to say that it is exhaustive—there are many small helpful ministries that are doing good work and fall well below the pencil people’s radar. For example, Harvest, USA is not listed. Nor is Higher Ground, which has been the place to go for discipleship if you are in search of help in New York City. But Restored Hope Network, the larger national group with which Higher Ground is affiliated, IS listed. Like the RHN, the others they list that I know about are doing great work. And the information is current as of this year. So it is all a great start for you. One of these 25 organizations can help you find what you seek.




Oh, and as far as the graphite club’s project, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The more that big tech restricts information about ministries, especially ministries that really do help people, the more other engines will rise to take their place. In any event, Jesus promised that those who seek will find (Matthew 7:7). We can trust Him for that.


In the meantime, let’s be thankful for efforts like this from the pencil-graphite group, and remember that God often brings help from unexpected sources.



Is there a helpful organization that you would add to this list?


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