What Enoch Says (Part II): Questioning Cohabitation


The new dating book hits cohabitation pretty hard, giving hard stats, meaning, hard to listen to, given the damage it causes. Despite the accumulated social science data on its disastrous consequences, the number of American couples practicing it instead of marriage continues to rise. As Enoch points out, people feel like moving in together has a kind of logic to it…







  1. Sarah Walker

    You make a good point that our body and soul, made in God’s image, are too valuable to practice with.
    Think of maybe an organ replacement surgery? A surgeon would not train or practice with a real organ- they are too precious until the actual surgery itself. When the time comes, it is tenuous if the the new organ will be accepted or rejected- it is a leap, despite all the therapeutics and prep that has been done to make sure it’s an accepted match.

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