What does God think of your Society? Look at how Women are Treated.

God judges a society on how the vulnerable, especially women, are treated. One example of this is found in the book of Judges. The author aims to show how Israel went downhill after their big exodus and before their good king. So in Israelite society at its best, in the beginning of the book, women are treasures to be won (Jdg 1:12). By the end of the book—when idolatry and apostasy had spun out of control—women had become disposable objects (Jdg 19). It was bad.


Similarly, the prophet Isaiah, in trying to explain how bad society will get under Assyrian pressure, describes how women will end up lowering their standards to submit to polygamous non-marital, non-committed relationships just for some semblance of security (Isa 4:1). In other words, it will get really bad.


Among other examples of this, the last is when the Apocalypse writer, John, represents the plight of history as a woman who is pregnant with a child that is in danger of being devoured by a dragon (Rev 12). We may interpret that woman as specifically Mary, giving birth to the Holy One, Jesus Christ, Who the devil strives to destroy, but the image gives the central conflict of history as the plight of a mother. And the central resolution as the joy of a bride (Rev 21).


This is what should concern us most about the LGBTQIA+ movement. It is devastating for women. The reason is that its resolute goal is the destruction of gender. The thrust of the letters—not the individuals with same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria or an intersex condition, they need our compassion and care, and many of them don’t even realize the larger program—but the ideology and direction of the movement, is to destroy gender. Significantly, in the book of Revelation, one of John’s primary targets for critique is the first century Roman emperor, Nero (ruling 54-68AD, Rev 13:18, 17:9). The gift of gender was similarly under attack by Rome, and specifically one of the things in Nero’s program of destruction. At one point, the emperor dressed as a woman and got married to a man. It seems that he was trying to hit all the letters he could in the LGBTQIA+ ideology. This way denies and defies God’s gift of manhood and womanhood in relationship, given as our way of loving one another. Of course, everyone suffers from the dissolution of the great gift of gender, but those who will be hit the hardest will be women.


You can already see it starting as LGBTQIA+ takes apart women’s sports. That is sad, but it is the least of the trumpet blasts to come. The way that rapid onset gender dysphoria is now ravaging our high school teens is the more serious consequence already here. And more devastation for women will follow. The loss of distinction among the more vulnerable will make for damage to the vulnerable.


So, again, watching the direction of the powers that be, even the national government, push toward paganism is tragic because women will be ill-treated by the rejection of gender. As the judgments of John’s book of Revelation confirm, God does not take kindly to cultures where this occurs.

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