A Brief but Deep-digging Mohl

Let me take a moment to praise the very fine cultural engagement work carried out every weekday by the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Albert Mohler, in his Briefing podcast.


Recommended by a friend in my congregation, I first tuned in to his daily podcast, The Briefing, thinking arrogantly, “What does this character have to say?” (I sometimes sound like those guys in Acts 17:18 inside.) But I was immediately helped by the depth of Dr. Mohler in his fast-talking twenty minutes.  Whether it is explaining the relationship of the Mormon Church to the Boy Scouts and how that effects the trans-direction of the latter, or identifying how Cruise Ship Companies handle LGBT pressure, or how third wave feminism gets itself into such a sad state sometimes, he gives a constructive historical perspective and does it, as he says, “from a Christian worldview.”


Consider this insightful piece on the recent announcement of the Miss America Pageant to drop the swimsuit competition. He astutely identifies the inherent contradictions of our country’s cultural movements even as he encourages us to rejoice in this abuse going away. Did you know that the spectacle we call “Miss America” began in 1921 in Atlantic City as a publicity stunt to extend the summer season? That makes a lot of things make sense.


The segments provide clarity as Dr. Mohler ranges across the five cultural engines of world politics, the media, the marketplace and the academy. These podcasts regularly lead one to wonder alternately about 1) how he talks so fast, and doesn’t seem to take breaths, and 2) how he does this every weekday, especially while being president of one of the largest seminaries in the world and doing other programs. He makes one feel lazy.


But what really won me over is his respectful tone. He is ready to praise the news outlets that report honestly or with some integrity, even as he is willing to point out their hypocrisies. The pastor-professor is clearly striving to represent the public figures he discusses fairly and without needless disparagement, even as he strives to contrast their views and actions with the Bible’s teaching. Well done, sir.


Still, you might ask, why do I feel it appropriate to recommend this news analysis podcast on AffirmingGender.com? Well, because he covers the news. And the news, now every week, if not every day, involves something about gender disintegration. So Dr. Mohler ends up speaking about it frequently. As he does, he helps us monitor the culture’s movement into this uncharted territory.


His is a voice to listen to with profit.



  1. Jim Orsag

    Great post P. Sam. Mohler usually nails is pretty good, notwithstanding his fast delivery. Sometimes some of his comment flies over me while I’m driving if I’m not totally focused. Highly recommended. Jim

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