Video on Affirming Gender

We have entered the video age!


Nothing says it quite like a video, especially if you are under 29. So several short videos are now available on YouTube (five actually, soon to be six). These are clips from the 2017 AffirmingGender conference in Cary, North Carolina. I tried to keep them as short as possible while still making some sense, so they range from 1 to 5 minutes long. You can watch a couple examples there…


Am I, a lesbian, welcome in your church?


A Sister’s Need for a Theology of Gender


Guys Who Used to be Gay Chose Women


So now you can get Sam Andreades mixed in there in YouTube, along with all the cat-in-the-laundry-basket scenes and incendiary political rants and miracle toothpaste ads. What an honor!



you can take them a little more calmly in on AffirmingGender’s new Speaker Samples page. We put all the videos in one place to give people an idea of the content possible. The quality of these videos is due to the fine work of the folks at Peace Presbyterian Church who did an excellent recording of  the whole day.


Feel free to share with any video-craving, You-Tube haunting friends. Our hope, of course, is to help get the word out. No, rather, to get the seekers in, to give hope to the ailing with Biblical answers for a different way.






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