Announcement for Subscriber Friends

Dear Subscriber,

I want to thank you for welcoming me into your email-box during these past months. I consider it an honor to have your attention for my posts and I take your subscription to mean that you are thinking with me about the important issue of gender. This makes me happy.


For the past five months, I have been blogging at 3X/week. I have done this to build up quality content on the site, develop the thoughts of enGendered, provide tastes of what can be expected from my speaking and, most importantly, to foster conversation about what makes a real man and what is a true woman. It has been enjoyable albeit strenuous.


I am now going to roll back my posting to about once per week, to leave more time for actual ministry to the gender-distressed. I feel that the latter is the greater need right now, and should take greater priority for my spare time.


I will still move things forward. As always, I welcome your comments on the posts as you have thoughts about them. If there is any other way I can help you with your gender troubles or questions, about SSA, transgenderism, or men and women in relationship, please don’t hesitate to write me at


Also, we can offer a neat new feature added to the AffirmingGender website: an index of names of people writing, referenced or highlighted in the posts. You can access it through a new button on THE ISSUE page, right below the CATEGORIES OF POSTS. That button will take you to the new page. It allows a different way to view the posts of interest to you and I hope it will provide a helpful way to navigate the site as the content grows with time.


There is much more to come. So stay with me as we watch and wait on what the Spirit of Holiness will do with the church and the culture. I really believe that these are exciting times in which to live, for He has more to unfold about God’s great gift of gender to the watching world.





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