The Faith Church Affirming Gender Seminar is Approaching!

We are making final preparations here at Faith Church in Quarryville to host the first AffirmingGender event of the year. Our flyer with the event information has been well-publicized locally and we are coordinating with the FC Social-Outreach Committee to make it a great time. The conference will begin Friday night at 7:30pm with music from the talented Pastor Brett Rush, of Shiloh Community Church, and begin again with a continental breakfast at 9:00am on Saturday morning, concluding around noon. In between, we will help folks build a resilient theology of gender to address their pressing gender-in-relationship issues. And we hope to answer a lot of questions.


It will be so refreshing to dwell on God’s wonderful gift to us in making us woman and man. We will be celebrating what our bodies show and what our relationships need. If you think about it, God has just outdone Themself in granting us the intimacy and fruitfulness that comes through gender equality and asymmetry. What a fabulous taste of the Divine. How can we not jump up and down about it?


We are also prepared, if folks come who don’t like this gift and what we are saying, to respond in love and restraint. We are here to foster, if possible, respectful dialogue. Naysayers, also, can help make the conference that much more of a meaningful time.


If you are a subscriber to this site, you should have received your Free Pass by email. (Note: For those who are subscribers, I do not get your email address so you’ll need to email me directly if you’d like a pass.)


We hope you can come and rejoice with us here in the Shire.

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