Sunny Affirming Gender Events: Summer 2018 Calendar

As the weather heats up, along with the controversy surrounding gender issues, Affirming Gender is hitting the road for a season of speaking and presentations. This year, we are choosing audiences of a particular kind of influence to address. I am veritably gay (in the old sense of the word—you remember, like how Maria used it in West Side Story) at the thought of talking to these influencers.

What’s the Point of this Ministry? (The Who What Why of AffirmingGender)

If you have been reading these posts for a little while, or have had contact with this website through a talk or article, you might be wondering, “Why is he doing this?” Perhaps then you would be served by a statement of purpose, to clarify what AffirmingGender is doing. (In fact, I would be helped by this too!) So let’s …