Release of the Real Talk Dating Interview

It was a great conversation. I have visited Real Talk before, the Reformed podcast coming out of, of all places, Canada. The sharp and perceptive Canuck, Lucas Holtvluwer, brings out in his questions important topics in the land of the Maple Leaf. This time, however, MK joined us along with Lucas’ wife, Elle, to all have a talk together.


In this four-way conversation, you get the dating memories of a couple married 2 years combined with the pastoral perspective of a couple married 34 years. While we discussed the perils and pleasures of dating, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You can tell in the video by how relaxed we are.


This interview is now published and available in an audio version.


It is also viewable in a video version.


If you are able to catch the video, I’d recommend it. Not the least because Mary K. looks wonderful. But also, you catch some couple nuances.


You get to hear from Mary K. what my first apartment in New York City was like. And you get to hear from me what I really think about ‘Love Languages.’ We also range across these questions:



  • What is the The Biggest Challenge to Christian Daters?
  • How to Handle Break Ups?
  • Why Meet the Family?
  • What Do the Three Asymmetries Mean?
  • How Do We Avoid Gender Stereotypes?
  • How Long Should You Date before tying the knot?


If you have read Dating With Discernment and would like to hear further exchange about its concepts and stories, or if you have not read the book and would like to know a little more what it teaches, while you commute or exercise, this podcast is for you.


Many thanks to the Real Talk Podcast for providing this resource ‘from Sea to Sea.’



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