Exton Expresses Gender

For those in the Philadelphia area desiring a deeper discussion of gayness, the day for you is here. This Sunday the Gift of Gender Express will travel to Exton, Pa, to Grace Covenant (EPC) Church for a three meeting event. As part of Rev. Dr. Tim Brown’s series on Gender, Sexuality and the Bible, I will visit and spend the day focusing on homosexuality and helping those tempted in this monogendered way.

9:30am-I will preach at the morning service: “Why Two Quotations, Jesus?”

11:00am -I will conduct a session to elaborate: “Two Bible Truths to Dispel the Clouds”

6:00pm -I will hold a forum to answer questions and give practical advice.

Books will be available at discount throughout the time there.


So join us in Exton for one or all of the meetings. We are striving to make this a time to give hope from strong Biblical truth in the midst of confusing cultural messages.

444 Creamery Way, Suite 100
Exton, PA 19341


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