The Trans Conclusion: A Smooth Continuous Sheet of Skin

It is uncomfortable to think about, but in my recent book, I wrote about the actual surgeries done to healthy bodies under the auspices of “gender-affirming” care. Despite its upsetting nature, I included a description of a vaginoplasty and explained a penectomy, so that strugglers, and those caring for them, could face the brutality of the procedures that American doctors recommend for the gender dysphoric. Potential candidates should realistically assess the castrations, face breakings and permanent wound openings that experts encourage them to.


But ever eager experimentalists are now going further than those procedures. The newer procedure to deal with gender dysphoria attempts to do away with any sexual dimorphism. Nullification, as enthusiasts call it, attempts to surgically create a smooth, continuous skin covering from the abdomen to the groin. Following a castration or vaginectomy, and requiring a hysterectomy in a woman, it leaves the patient devoid of any sexual trace between the legs. That is, the genitalia are replaced by nothing. Yes, as disturbing as it may sound, it is a thing, offered by doctors and clinics around the country for people who really want to be non-binary.



This is, unfortunately, the conclusion of trans: the erasure of any sexuality. And it is plausible to society because of the culture’s incremental devaluing of things like relationships, making a family, raising children. I get that feeling in trying to watch recent heroine movies, where the women protagonists are not supposed to want relationship with a guy or—God forbid—want children. In The Matrix reboot (Trinity liberated from family life to start punching guys again), Barbie (liberating climax: the rejection of the Ken who pursues her), the Disney almost-remake of Snow White (“it’s not about a love story anymore”), the Cinderella remake (career comes first), or even serious movies like Wind River, it is as if the women have more important things to do. If women, who used to be the ones wanting relationship and family, aren’t supposed to anymore, they will certainly happen much less.


God was telling us what humanity was about when He said, “Let us make man in Our image…” so then “male and female He created them,” (Gen 1:26-27). Nullification surgery erases that. Of course, nullification surgery also includes, nay, promotes, sterility, in both genders. It is an apt symbol for our society’s turning away from what life is about: “be fruitful and multiply” (v28). A smooth continuous sheet of skin. And a serious blow to the Divine image.



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