A Time to Celebrate

It’s really here. The time has arrived to launch the book:

Across the Kitchen Table: Talking about Trans with Your Teen.

This will also mark the beginning of the new Platforming LLC: In Our Image, a company with a mission to promote truth about what God has given us in the gift of gender. The days ahead will not all be happy, but it is a good thing to celebrate when days are happy (Luke 22:15). And this is a happy day.

The good news is that there is still opportunity for you to be a part of the fun. You can join us for the Book Release party in Spring City on Saturday afternoon, where we will also be enjoying gender complementary food and drink. Let us know if you are coming HERE.

I realize many of you are not local to eastern Pennsylvania, so we are going to livestream the presentation part of the party, which will run from around 2:30 to 3:30pm, again on Saturday. Would you like to join us online? You can do so through Facebook Live right…



Of course, if you don’t like parties and just want to start reading, you can order the Kindle edition which is now available on Amazon and off you go.

By Saturday, the paperback edition of the book should also be available to order on Amazon. The audio and Spanish version are a few months out, but they are underway. Many thanks to Goodwill Media for their strong help in making it all happen.


If you do read the book, be sure to let me know if it was helpful for you or someone you care about.

Let’s shine some light on the solution for the gender-troubled and bring forth the glory of what God has made.



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