On Pilgrimage

Dear Friends,

On this site for a full two years now, I have sought to serve the cause of understanding gender, the reality of men and women made in God’s image. I myself have grown through arranging this weekly commentary, filling out some of the landscape originally surveyed by the book, enGendered. I hope that you also have benefited from this body of 150 short essays, now categorized along the side here by gender topic.



I am being called in a different direction right now, to another important issue of our time. While not able to talk about it here, I will say that it is something that seems to me even more culturally important than gender, if that were possible. And it is going to take a lot of effort and extended travel around the world. So let’s just say that I am going on a pilgrimage. I don’t think I will have the time to post much here.



I want to thank you for your valuable attention during the last two years. I know that you have plenty to read and to deal with in your lives, so I appreciate that you welcomed these emails in your inbox, and have taken the time to read some and respond. I hope that they have been useful. I am going to leave the posts up in case they may be beneficial to visitors, and I will continue to handle requests for help. I am also encouraged that some very good voices akin to mine are going forth out there, some of whom I have tried to highlight on this site. These are places where you can find help and clarity about gender from a Christian perspective.

If you have been persuaded by this site’s content that gender really is a gift from the Lord of Life for your close relationships, I urge you to celebrate that gift in your life. And let it take you into the deep things of God.



On pilgrimage,



  1. Linda Irwin

    Dear Sam, Each week I have enjoyed reading your posts. You have prompted me to think more about these issues. Most helpful to me were posts dealing with the roles of men and women within marriage. I have grown in my relationship with God as I have thought about the relationships within the Trinity, and was both surprised and intrigued by the idea of having a gendered soul. I will miss getting the weekly emails and reading about what’s on your mind, but am excited for your pilgrimage. Thank you, brother.

  2. Ken


    So many items arrive in my inbox. I have consistently been drawn to your writing however, and have found it beneficial and encouraging. It really is hard to imagine an issue of greater importance, but I’m trying. In any case, I want you to know that while writing may be a lonely endeavor – and one in which you do not always know the fruit – yours has been a blessing to me for sure.


  3. Rob McCullough

    Thank you, Sam, for helping many hear the voice of our Lord in a gender confused culture. Your insight has been helpful to shed a Biblical light of clarity on a foggy time in our world. Many will find great value here as you leave the posts online! We are all excited for your pilgrimage and wish you a safe and abundant journey. With appreciation,


  4. Michelle E. Williams

    You have been a lifeline to all of us through your writing. Spurring us toward a clearer application of God’s immeasurable gender truths. Thank you! for the time and investment.
    Your posts will be missed tremendously, but thank you for the continued effort to maintain their availability online.
    Support, blessings and grace as the new pilgrimage begins!

  5. Sam:

    You have given us so much to think about these last two years, along with pointing us toward God and his Word regarding these matters. I know that the Lord will go with you in this new journey. I can’t wait to hear how the Lord will use you for his glory.

  6. Sarah

    I agree with the previous comments. I came a bit late to this site, being unaware of its existence. It has been a great resource of thought-provoking articles and thoughtful insights into the very important issue of gender. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for spending your time and energy sharing these well-considered thoughts with us.
    In Him,

  7. Sam, may God bless you and guide you on this new pilgrimage. Yours is a unique voice and a courageous one in challenging cultural norms and CHristian perspectives. I’m a fan and look up to you. Your work has helped me in leading our little congregation on these issues. I’m so grateful for you and your thoughtful engagement on one of the most difficult issues of our day.

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