Teachers, Take Heart

The key members of our society now find themselves in a predicament. How are school teachers and home-schooling parents to address a new generation growing up in a gender minimizing culture? For whatever other message they get at home, it is impossible for kids to go uninfluenced by the attitudes of our day. Their government officials and instructors are living as if gender doesn’t matter in marriage. Their friends presume to self-choose a gender for themselves and they see their friends’ parents encouraging the imitation of the opposite gender. Their questions of the morality of God-given gender are heightened.


Veritas Press Scholars Academy, an education company based in Lancaster, PA, runs a top-notch online grade- and high school centered around a classical Christian curriculum. It puts out an excellent blog and magazine to add to teachers and home-schooling parents resources to help in the monumental work of educating the young.


Veritas asked me to give some thoughts on just this topic. I was very happy to do so because  school teachers are precisely those with the power to wisely interpret gender in their classrooms. You can read my brief essay at the Veritas Press online site: Teaching a Gender Minimizing Generation. I give some examples there, using a classical education curriculum, to make a lasting impression on your students.


Take heart, teachers. You are the ones who can make a difference.



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