AffirmingGender Fall 2017 Calendar

Those looking for live happenings we welcomed to come Affirm Gender with me at one of these fall events. These were some opportunities to learn a way to answer the most pressing gender questions and receive practical guidance on resolving gender troubles.


September 29-October 01: enGendered: God, Gender and Sexuality in the 21st century

Peace Presbyterian Church, Cary/Raleigh NC

Down in the willowy land of peach blossoms, Peace Presbyterian Church is hosting a one day (Saturday) conference but with AG events all weekend:

9/29, 7:00pm Beer and Pastor Equipping Intensive w/Sam for Local pastors & ministry leaders

9/30, 9:00am to 3:00pm Speakers Rosaria Butterfield and Sam will illuminate a Biblical approach to the gender issues. We will also include a session to take any questions, as you can be sure there will be.

10/01, 8:30am & 11:00am Sermon by Sam: What Makes a Real Man, How to be a True Woman

10/01, 9:45am Gender Q&A for Sunday School, again with Sam. Bring your hardest gender questions.

Information and registration at enGendered Conference

For Friday night attendance, email Cole McLaughlin



October 02: Pastor’s Seminar: Spiritual Care for the Sexually Broken

Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster PA

I must say, I have become more and more impressed with this school. It has quietly become the third largest independent Bible college in the U.S., while (through?) maintaining a courageous commitment to core principles. The campus radiates a growing sense of mission to prepare students to engage the culture with integrity. This ministry conference puts current issues front and center to equip the equippers. The main session address, which I did last year, is this year being carried by my friend, John Freeman, of Harvest USA, and I will be doing two workshops.

8:30am to 4:00pm.

Description and tickets at Spiritual Care for the Sexually Broken




October 09: Planning Your Ministry to the Gender Broken and Hopeless

Millersville Bible Church, meeting in Quarryville, PA

A discussion for church leaders who want to think through how to best structure a ministry that really walks alongside the same-sex attracted, the asymmetry-rejecters, the gender dysphoric, the gender questioners, and all the people who love them. One church’s efforts serves as a discussion ground of learning for us all.


The event is free but by invitation. Those interested in attending can contact me.





That’s what happened in the Autumn, 2017 AG forum department.

Here is the calendar of events from Summer, 2017.


At these events, you won’t get the majority opinion. And you won’t get the loud and flashy sound bytes. But you will get a still, small voice of Scriptural guidance. Remember this as you look at the trees this season: the leaves that look most beautiful are just about to fall.

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