Speaker Samples

Speaker Samples

On MonoGendered (Homosexual) and Intergendered...

Sam talks about his interviews with men who used to be gay and why they are now happily married to women for five years or more.

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                                                                              What's Wrong with the term, "Same-Sex Marriage"

On Women's Issues...

Sam explains the feedback after a "really good sermon."

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                                                                              Her Needed Voice

                                                                                Jesus Loved Women

                                                                                In Every Phase of a Woman's Life, Jesus Meets Her

Charting a Different Way with SSA...

Sam describes the ministry of Higher Ground (http://www.higherground.nyc/), where Christians with unwanted same-sex attraction find a different path.

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                                                                Soul Mating or Maturing Souls?

On Homosexuality and Church...

Sam explains his answer when, at a 2002 Q&A , a woman stood up, identified herself as a lesbian and asked, since we sing this song, "Just As I Am", would she be welcome in his church "Just as I Am"?

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                                                                        The Single Biggest Way to Improve Your Relationships

On a big piece of the puzzle for the gender dysphoric...

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                                                                         Didn't Jesus Understand Hair Dye?

                                                                           Transgender Regret Stories and Where to Hear Them

                                                                           The Tragedy Deepens

On the Big Component of the Transgendered Movement...

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                                                                          Send the Stutterer to Teach

                                                                          Thoughtful Teens Start to Talk Back

                                                                           My Transgender Wakeup Moment