The Birth of the Homosexual

At the enGendered Conference at Peace Church two weeks ago, Rosaria Butterfield gave an insightful talk on “How we Got Here – Gender and Sexuality,” critiquing the attempt to build an identity on one’s sexual desires. In it, she referenced Michel Foucault’s influential 1976 work, The History of Sexuality, whence comes our popular phrase, “the will to power.” Most normal …

AffirmingGender Fall 2017 Calendar

Those looking for live happenings we welcomed to come Affirm Gender with me at one of these fall events. These were some opportunities to learn a way to answer the most pressing gender questions and receive practical guidance on resolving gender troubles.   September 29-October 01: enGendered: God, Gender and Sexuality in the 21st century Peace Presbyterian Church, Cary/Raleigh NC …

Roses and Champagne in a Field of Butter

The same year enGendered was published (2015), Rosaria Champagne Butterfield released Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ. I want AffirmingGender readers to know of this work.   This sequel to her first Christian book opens with further reflections on her conversion. As she goes on, Dr. Butterfield gives us a refreshing …

Where to Affirm Gender (Public Speaking engagements so far planned in 2017)

As far as engagements open to the public, we are beginning the year Affirming Gender locally. My own Faith Church will be hosting a seminar later this month. So if you are somewhere near southern Lancaster County, come join the fun!

Date: February 24-25 (Friday night-Saturday morning)

Place: Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church –611 Robert Fulton Highway, Quarryville. (It’s not actually a highway…in fact, it is really just Church Street, but it makes us feel bigger to call it a highway).

Here’s a link to a flyer with more information. We want to do this as a gift to our community so it will only be $5/person to cover food. Pastor Brett Rush will be doing music for it and each of the three sessions will include a Q&A time.

**In a few weeks, all subscribers to will be receiving by email a free pass to this Quarryville event. We’d like to honor your expression of interest in the important matters of gender that you showed in joining the site. Thanks! With the free pass we want to especially welcome your participation in the seminar. **


But if you are in the real south, rather than just the southern end, look for a Gender conference at Peace Church in Cary, North Carolina (outside of Rawleigh) on the last day of September. This is another event open to the public. Rosaria Butterfield and I will be taking the stage to affirm gender together. We will keep you updated with more information.


See? There really are some places left to gather together to learn how to celebrate the gift!