Does “Queer Theology” Work?

I recently was interviewed by a bright young student studying queer theology. She was trying to figure out what she believed about it. What is queer theology, you ask? Well, as always, people try to adopt Christianity to cultural movements. This isn’t necessarily bad, as God sometimes brings up important truth through the culture. But to do it in a faithful way you must have a firm grasp on the Bible’s truth so you don’t end up damaging or losing the Faith.

Trinitarian Delight

Want to understand the Trinity of God more deeply and clearly? British Trinitarian Theologian, Michael Reeves is that most wonderful of all things, a theologian with a sense of humor. His book brings a cheerful clarity and an appreciation of how God’s internal relationships can inform and inspire our own.

The Nutcracker: Odious Fluff or Timeless Type?

Every year, I have an argument with my husband about the value of The Nutcracker, the ballet. Sam considers this holiday standard an insufferable time-waster having nothing to do with the real Christmas, a quaint costume drama that devolves into an interminable and inexplicable glorification of candy and tulle. But, I plead, don’t you see?

What Women Should Do In Church: Three Easy and Essential Guidelines

What does Gender mean for the activities in a Christian church? Should men only be doing certain things? Are there ministries that only women should do or are there offices inappropriate for women to fill?   Every church needs to decide questions like these as part of its constitution and work. The Bible gives some direction about it, but also …

Want It in a Nutshell? The Seven Christian Principles of Gender

Gender is a big topic. It is easy to get lost in the different considerations about maleness and femaleness, evaluating gayness and monogendered relationships, identifying femininity and masculinity, and treating gender dysphoria and traipsing through transgenderism. Let me make it real simple for you by stating the seven main principles that I see the Bible  teaching us about gender. There …

Send the Stutterer to Teach

Ever notice how God delights in turning someone’s weakness into a strength? So God takes a man who cannot speak well, who was “slow of speech and of tongue” (Exodus 4:10), to speak some of the most important words ever spoken. These were captured in something called the Pentateuch. This God appointed the man, Moses, to a position requiring many …

Desires are Moral

A reader writes: My understanding has been that same sex attraction that is not acted upon is not sin.  Is a Christian who struggles with same sex attraction, yet in living for the Lord, doesn’t act on these desires, sinning?  Is being tempted, yet resisting temptation,  still evil? I thought it would be correct to tell a friend wrestling with …