A Few Words From the Elders of Sam’s Church

A few words from the session (Board of Elders) of Sam's church...

A session in a Presbyterian Church (PCA) is made up of qualified, elected men who both shepherd and govern the congregation.

We, the Faith Church Session, are blessed to have Dr. Sam Andreades as a part of our family.

photo by Amy Huber

We care deeply for him and love him as our Senior Pastor.

Sam’s leadership at our church centers on discipleship and practical application of what we as followers of Christ are to model in our day to day lives. As his discipleship is being replicated through our church family, we have seen lives changed and people growing in their faith.

Sam is very thoughtful and studied in his areas of expertise, and gifted to speak in the area of gender. In his own and our relationships here, we see gender lived out as a gift, an identity, and a challenge, so we endorse his message. The leadership at Faith Church is praying for Sam and this ministry. We trust you will find value in what our pastor has to say.