Truth Never Seems to Go Away

Truth never seems to go away (Proverbs 12:19). So gender will never go away either. That beautiful gift of loving each other differently, to which the sign of our different bodies point, is here to stay. Civilizations may rise and fall, and cultures may crumble, but the image of God, however desecrated, will endure (Proverbs 10:25).



So we are returning to speak about it.

Next Saturday, June 12, MW Books, European Christian Mission Poland, and Goodwill Rights present the live webinar, Affirming the Reality of Gender. I will be approaching the questions that still remain on many hearts:

∙         How do I answer my friend’s searching question: Why did God make me gay?

∙         How do I talk about the Bible and gender without making young women in my church mad?

∙         What do I say when my church’s Sunday School teacher tells me that “she” used to be a man?

∙         What does it mean to say that man and woman were made in God’s image?

∙         How do I respond to the gay wedding invitation I just received?

∙         When my daughter comes home from high school deciding that she really is a boy, how do I help her?


I will help answer these questions and many others from a Christian perspective by outlining the Bible’s wisdom on relationships and showing how we can develop a theology of gender.

The webinar is on Saturday, June 12, 1:00pm to 2:30pm.

Tickets may be purchased here (or just go to Eventbrite, and search for the title: Affirming the Reality of Gender). The money will go to publishing organizations that I can enthusiastically endorse.



I would love to connect with you again.


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