And He Gave…Teachers: Thankful for Wayne Grudem

It really is wonderful how Christ has fulfilled his promise down through the ages, giving teachers to the church (Ephesians 4:11-13).


One of those teachers is Wayne Grudem. He has written many books on different subjects, and taught theology and ethics to many students for a long time. But, as history goes on, perhaps his greatest contribution may be recognized as having helped keep alive a sense of manhood and womanhood against the cultural program.


Sadly he now has Parkinson’s Disease, so I woke up this morning and just felt like taking a few words to honor this yokefellow for his qualities in upholding the importance of gender.


I think his greatest quality is simply clarity. Dr. Grudem is one of the most lucid writers I have ever read. And he keeps it up through all his works, even through a systematic theology of some twelve hundred pages. I do part ways in thought with him at times, through the years, going back to when he was trying to forge a way through the charismatic issues and how he sometimes talks about men and women, but I have also used him many times in my explanations. It is no easy task to remain clear when talking about complex issues, especially when you are trying to work out a way through controversy, but he consistently does. It seems so natural to him, which is really funny, since it is such a difficulty for the rest of us (thinking, me).


A second great quality is his courage. He could have used his professorial position to stay out of trouble, but instead he has used it to patiently take on one controversy after another, from dealing with the charismata in Reformed Circles, to the mix of Politics and the Bible, to, of course, gender. He was even willing to publicly wade into a difficult presidential election and endorse a candidate, giving moral reasons. That shows a heart for the Lord, because wading into controversial topics carries with it hard experiences, and often little acclaim. But he has done so repeatedly, which willingness shows me a deep heart for the Lord.


I do not know Dr. Grudem. Besides reading his books, I have had exchanges with him over the years as an audience member, always to my benefit. But one time I found myself in a line behind his son, Elliot, who at the time was ending up as a minister in my denomination, and engaged him in conversation. He and I, as I’ve said, would disagree with his dad on some points, but I asked him about things he himself felt strongly about. I was impressed with this young man’s answers and what mattered to him. And I wondered if maybe this guy was Dr. Grudem’s greatest gift—just raising a great, ministering son.


Christ has fulfilled his promise down through the ages, giving teachers to the church. One of those teachers is Wayne Grudem.




Have you had an influential teacher that fulfills Ephesians 4:11-13?

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