“Born This Way” Soon to Go Away

If there was an anthem for the last ten years of gender minimization, it would be the sentence, “I was born this way.” The proclamation would stop conversations, halt dialogues, silence critics. Now the chorus is dying away and, like most pop songs, it will soon be forgotten.

The Portrayal of a Realistic Marriage: Review of the movie, Darkest Hour

If we look past some of the sexism of 1940s England, we see a valuable picture. The story presents us with the way a marriage in that incredibly stressful situation has to work if victory would be achieved. Winston Churchill was, of course, a leader. He led. But we see, in the few poignant scenes including Clementine, how she needed to be quite as strong as he for him to be able to lead. And she was.

When My Human Resources Department Mandates Pronouns

Are you receiving policy mandates from your company or school about pronouns? One reader writes: …Some in the administration would like to force faculty to use the pronoun that a student chooses instead of a gender-based pronoun.  The student affairs folks are also going to provide gender inclusive housing options this fall…

The Lascivious–Free Super Bowl

This game, like the other recent ones, have displayed repeated opportunities to marvel at the achievement of the male body. But absent was any of the usual exploitation of the female body to sell things. The female body was respected. And we were free to celebrate the male.

The Nutcracker: Odious Fluff or Timeless Type?

Every year, I have an argument with my husband about the value of The Nutcracker, the ballet. Sam considers this holiday standard an insufferable time-waster having nothing to do with the real Christmas, a quaint costume drama that devolves into an interminable and inexplicable glorification of candy and tulle. But, I plead, don’t you see?

Three Questions Our Culture Can No Longer Answer

A Time of Confusion about the Basics What is a Christian response to people who no longer know their left hand from their right (Jonah 4:11)? Or, in our case, their men from their women? The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a landmark ruling recently that redefines the term “sex” in the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include …

Wonder Woman’s Lopsided Inspiration

The newly released, and surely best, DC comics movie is cleaning up at the box office. For good reason. The story is compelling and moving, the actors talented and handsome, and the fighting very cool. It is too bad that in all the ways WW can inspire young women, she is not able to teach them what will make their relationships intimate.

Roses and Champagne in a Field of Butter

The same year enGendered was published (2015), Rosaria Champagne Butterfield released Openness Unhindered: Further Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert on Sexual Identity and Union with Christ. I want AffirmingGender readers to know of this work.   This sequel to her first Christian book opens with further reflections on her conversion. As she goes on, Dr. Butterfield gives us a refreshing …

When Girlfriends are No Longer Safe

A college freshman friend of mine recently found herself in a sad plight, now sadly typical. Young women, transitioning from high school to college, often crave close relationship. If you are such a young woman, to find a girlfriend, with whom you really connect, feels like a gift from heaven. Because it is. A close same-gendered friend is so much …