Real Questions Need Real Answers
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Why would the Bible tell me to deny my same-sex desires when I did not ask for them?

I desire love more than respect. Is there something wrong with me as a guy?

What do you want me to do, stay home and bake cookies?

How close can we get?

Is gender real or just...cultural stuff?

The Bible doesn’t address transgenderism, does it?

Should I submit to my husband in decision-making when I am a better decision-maker?

How come the guys in church don’t listen to me as a woman?

Do clothes really make the man?

How to be a True Woman?

Why would God keep my friend from true love in his gay marriage?

Jesus never talks about homosexuality, does He?

With self-chosen gender now, is there any future for girls' sports?

Should we have a knitting group ministry for gals in our church?

I am getting married to be happy. Is that so bad?

Does the apostle Paul have a thing against empowering women?

In the end, you need to look out for yourself. No one else can do it for you, right?

If I have a boy body but feel like a girl, should I transition?

Why do I feel embarrassed saying girls are different from boys?

It isn’t possible for a homosexual man to enjoy sex with a woman…is it?

Can’t you see that I was born this way?

Aren’t women supposed to be nurturing, so how come my girlfriend isn’t?

When can my boyfriend just grow up?

If we’re equal, why should he be in charge?

What’s really wrong with cross-dressing?

Aren't women inferior to men in the Old Testament?

What does God have to do with my love life?

If there is no difference between women and men, why should women be equally represented on corporation boards?

What Makes a Real Man?

Does a man have the same relationship with Jesus that I as a woman have?

Does it matter to act differently toward each other in our relationship?

Why do I feel guilty about being a man?

I thought boys were better at math but then why is my sister a nuclear physicist?

Doesn’t the Bible denigrate women?

Are SOGI Laws sagacious or soggy?

How do I invigorate our sex life?

Why is it so hard to say how we differ?

Where is my job description in this marriage thing?

Where can I find a girlfriend who is not so high-maintenance?

Should I refuse my company’s offer of CEO because I am a woman?

As a single, am I not a full person?

Why can’t she just trust me?

Does the Bible really tell women to wear head coverings to church?

How could depending on her make me more me?

What will make my marriage last?

Should I open the door for girls?

Aren’t there gay Christians now?

I like cooking. Should I let her do it anyway?

How come I cannot get my husband to stand up to people for us?

Does the Bible really tell women to wear head coverings to church?

As a Lesbian, does Jesus accept me ‘Just As I Am’?

Is it fair for a man with same sex attraction to marry a woman?

Why can’t the Bible just be cool?

How come I can’t find a New Testament passage for our wedding without the gender stuff attached?

Which of us gives up the rock band first?

Why can’t she get off my back about reading to the kids? I don’t feel like it.

Does National Geographic actually think that nine-year-olds understand their identity?

How come the sermons are always about what I can’t do as a woman?

Shouldn’t I be excused for using porn because men are naturally more sexual?

Should I be worried that Peggy spends all her spare time on football?